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Project Description

Turning 18 (Film debut)

Here’s to my first full video project, a pre-debut video of Mareeya for her 18th birthday.

I’ve done some videos before which is totally different from this. Although I have applied a lot of process that I’ve gained and experienced before. One good specific example is story boarding which I basically learned from my advertising school and during my tenure with an ad agency. It helped me a lot in terms of identifying the shots that i wanted to take, figuring out how I can trasition from one scene to another, knowing which location suits best, and etc.

A lot of learning process that I’ve experienced on making this and definitely looking forward on doing more video projects.

My Gear:
Sony a6000
Sony kit lens 16-50mm
Canon 70D
Canon EF-S 18-135mm
Canon EF 50mm

Edited in Adobe Premeire Pro CC 2017

Music: Lovely Girl by Dyalla Swain


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